URSUMCO Tree Planting (April 7, 2008)


  • Pursuant to our corporate objective of developing and sustaining the community and its environment, the plant spearheaded a tree planting activity coinciding with the Araw ng Kagitingan. It was coordinated with the local DENR and it was a concerted effort in doing our share in stirring environment awareness among our employees, business associates and community partners, attempting to be modern heroes in our little way.

URSUMCO Sportsfest ’07


This activity aims to provide employees an opportunity to advocate the physical wellness and cultivate comradeship at the onset of the end of the milling season. Furthermore, it also gives the employees the chance to mingle with other employees while doing a game relay or having a sumptuous lunch. As it has been said, “All work and no play make’s Johnny a dull boy.”

URSUMCO Fiesta (September 29, 2007)


It is in commemoration of the Feast day of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, Patron of the Philippines and of the URSUMCO plant as well. Like any fiesta across the archipelago, the celebration is decked with revelry, excitement and fun. Employees take a day off from work to participate in the festivities which include parlor games, dances, dinner and raffles. As dusk falls, employees get merry as they groove to the party beat of live band music.


URSUMCO Christmas Party


In the spirit of the Yuletide Season, URSUMCO celebrated the event full of love and smiles. It was held at the tennis court of the staff house compound. As with any URSUMCO party, there was much laughter in the air as they exchanged good cheers and gifts. It was an opportune time to leave our cares behind and instill into our minds the blessings of work, family and friends.





URSUMCO Waste Water Treament Plant Inauguration


Not even the heavy rains could dampen the spirits of URSUMCO employees and guests during the inauguration of the improved Waste Water Treatment Plant Facility. True enough, it was a “very generous blessing of water” as the rain poured down minutes before the Holy Mass started. The construction of the waste water facility is one of URSUMCO’s initiative projects conforming to the corporate policy of maintaining a healthy and balanced environment.

URSUMCO 20th Anniversary (January 12, 2008)


URSUMCO celebrated a milestone when it reached its 20th year of operation under URC. The company paid tribute to all employees who likewise reached their 20th year of service as well as top planters who have been loyally making URSUMCO their choice of sugar mill. It was well attended by heads of various URC units including those from other sister mills. The event focused on the theme “Sustaining global competitiveness through business partnership and organizational excellence.”





URSUMCO Cane Campaign


During off-season, URSUMCO, with the participation of Customer Care Office (CCO), Treasury, ISD and Quality Assurance (QA) departments, conduct an information drive on various municipalities involving sugarcane planter’s, on the services/benefits that the company may offer if they will mill in URSUMCO, taught them ways on how to produce a good crop, awareness on the types of cane to be delivered in order to get a higher LKG/TC, mill-site improvements and, policies and procedures of the company for the planters. 













Last June 12, 2008, URSUMCO had achieved an unprecedented feat of achieving its raw sugar production target of 1,600,000 LKG. Employees donned commemorative red t-shirts gaily capturing the moment when the servo balance tipped the scales to indicate the achievement of the target production. As Mr. Lance said, “We have every reason to celebrate.” Indeed, we stand proud of our achievement knowing each of us has done his or her part to make this happen.








This meeting was called to discuss matters related to Planters and the Mill. Agenda included schedule of start of milling season, discussion of procedures, millsite improvements, and other related issues. The gathering moreover, became a venue of sharing, camaraderie and professional bonding. This event ensures planter loyalty and fosters excellent planter relationship.