History of PASSI



In April 1967, a group of fifteen (15) Illonggos most of them are well-known sugar cane planters, bound themselves as incorporators to form the Passi (Iloilo) Sugar Central, Incorporated. These includes:


1. Timoteo Y. Consing, Jr.

2. Danilo S. Valderrama

3. Efraim M. Santibañez

4. Jose Facultad

5. Rodolfo C. Siason

6. Elpidio Javellana, Sr.

7. Alberto S. Valderrama

8. Jose M. Fernandez

9. Rosario Y. Singson

10. Jesus Solinap

11. Perdo Fernandez

12. Ceferino delos Santos, Jr.

13. Anastacio Maravilla


This led to the construction of the Passi (Iloilo) Sugar Central, Inc. The millsite covers an approximate 28 hectares of land in Brgy. Ulang Juan, San Enrique, province of Iloilo. Construction of the mill started in early 1968 and had completed in early 1970. Outright, the sugar mill started grinding its first crop and began its commercial operation employing 450 workers in the mill.

In one cropping season, the mill operates in a five or six month’s duration. It starts grinding on November and usually ends up in months of April or May, depending on the volume of cane to be grinded. On the average, the central produces an estimated 6,000 piculs of raw sugar (brown) daily out of the 4,500 tonnes cane processed per day as its equivalent. Milling operation goes on a 24 hours a day in a six day period with one day shut-down in a week. During off season the British Supplied Machines (Mirless and Watson and Fletcher and Stewart LTd. Of Darby, England) is cleaned by contractual workers on rotation basis. Torn and worn out parts are replaced as part of their maintenance for he rest of the year in preparation for grinding in the next milling season.



From CY 1983-84, Passi (Iloilo) Sugar Central, Inc. has registered the highest volume of production among the six sugar centrals located in Panay area (Allied (New Frontier), Asturias, Calinog-Lambunao, Pilar, Santos-Lopez). Its highest production in five crop years was attained during CY 1983-*4 when it reached 731,446.10 piculs levels. The original cost of the mill is $ 19.37 million.




URC PASSI 2 (formerly PASSI (ILOILO) SUGAR CENTRAL II) is located in Barangay Man-it, Passi City, a sugar mill producing raw with a rated capacity of 3,500 tons cane daily.


By early part of 1967 the construction of the central was underway thru the incorporators Amado Araneta, Raul Fores, Arsenio Yulo Sr. and Roderico Reyes. As early as February 6, 1970 the central began its first trial run for the crop year 1969-1970 with New Frontier Sugar Central as its registered name.


NFSC was leased by Allied Sugar Central beginning crop year 1972-1973 for a period of 11 years after which it ceased to operate due to insufficient supply of cane and low prices of sugar both domestic and international market making its operation no longer viable.


On November 20, 1989. Eduardo Lopingco was able to negotiate for the lease of Allied Sugar Central from former owner. The mill was put on trial run on January 3, 1990 for the crop year 1989-1990. It was named Golden Frontier Sugar Company. The operation ended up to August of 1991 due to insufficient cane supply, which resulted to low productivity output.


On September 1, 1991 the company was purchased by Chua and Sia family and the company was changed back to its original name, New Frontier Sugar Corporation (NFSCOR). It started it milling operation on November 9, 1991. NFSCOR operated the mill up to crop year 1999-2000. For the crop years 2000-2001, the mill was operated by CIMICO on the three years lease agreement with NFSCOR. CIMICO operated the mill for two crop year after which it subleased to MEGAN Sugar which operated the mill for crop year 2002-2003. In the meantime on April 2002, Equitable PCIB foreclosed NFSCOR. Sometime on October 2002, Passi Sugar was able to negotiate the purchase of NFSCOR from Equitable PCIB. Passi Sugar took actual possession of the mill on May 2003 and operated the mill for the crop year 2003-2004.


1st quarter of 2007, the management of Passi (Iloilo) Sugar Central under the leadership of Mr. Timoteo Y. Consing Jr. (President) decided to sell the two (2) sugar mill, these lead to the acquisition by the Universal Robina Corporation.


It was formally turned over to the new management (URC) on October 2007 and URC PASSI 1 started milling last October 22, 2007 and 3 weeks after URC PASS 2 starts its milling.