Cagayan Robina Sugar Milling Company (CARSUMCO), a sugar division of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), an ISO 9001:2000 certified compay, is a raw sugar mill and refinery plant with main office at Suite 2201, Robinsons Equitable Tower, No. 1 ADB Avenue corner Poveda Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The plant site is situated at Sto. Domingo, Piat, Cagayan about 32 kilometers away from Tuguegarao City, along the Tuguegarao-Piat National Highway and only   7kms away from the famous and miraculous Basilica Minore de Nuestra Sra de Piat (Our Lady of Piat).This is more or less 530 kilometers north of Manila.

The raw sugar mill and the integrated refinery were constructed in 1976. The plant  was originally owned by a group of retired military officers headed by the late Gen. Eulogio Balao. It was originally named as Cagayan Sugar Corporation (CASUCO). The plant was acquired  at the onset of crop year 1990-1991 by Universal Robina Corporation.
The refinery plant was integrated with the raw sugar mill and was designed to operate under the Carbonation Process of sugar refining. It has a melting capacity of 250 MT per day with an equivalent production of 4,300 bags refined sugar per day at 50kg/bag. Most of the time,  the refinery operates simultaneously with the raw sugar mill in order to reduce operating expenses by taking advantage of the common/dual utilization of steam and electric power generated by the existing raw sugar mill steam and power plant.
The principal finished goods produced are raw and refined sugar. Most of the raw sugar produced is directly processed as refined sugar and the remaining raw sugar is stored in the sugar warehouse in bulk or 50 kg/bag. The final molasses, a by-product in the sugar manufacturing process, is stored in the molasses tank at the plant site.
The sugar cane milled is owned and delivered to the mill by the sugarcane planters. Sugar and molasses manufactured from the sugarcane is shared by the Mill and the Planter in accordance   with  a pre-established sharing scheme.

The raw sugar mill has a milling capacity of 4,000 tons cane per day using the conventional type mill tandem.